Mandatory Traffic Insurance

It is a compulsory insurance that covers you for damages you may cause to other vehicles or third parties as a result of an accident.
Within the scope of Traffic Insurance; if the insurer has caused death or injury to a person or damage to something during the operation of the motor vehicle defined in the policy, the legal responsibility of the operator is covered up to the compulsory insurance limits, according to the Traffic Laws.
In order to prevent or reduce the damage in an accident that occurs, the reasonable and compulsory expenses to be incurred by the policyholder are covered by the insurer.
Traffic Insurance is often confused with Car Insurance. Traffic Insurance is a compulsory insurance to cover the damages of the other party's damaged vehicles, while car insurance covers your car's damages. It covers the compensations for the treatment, permanent disability and death that the passengers (including family members) traveling in your own vehicle other than the driver will suffer as a result of an accident.